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New faces

OKC city hall Credit: Mark Hancock With Marrs and Kelly no longer at the council chamber’s horseshoe, 14 combined years of council experience are being replaced by rookies James Greiner and John Pettis Jr., two men who now find themselves in the middle of critical decisions, including several MAPS 3 projects. The new council members

Middling money

Gary Marrs The Ward 7 city council race included seven candidates vying for the seat currently held by OKC attorney Ronald “Skip” Kelly, and three candidates battled for the Ward 1 seat held by retired fire chief Gary Marrs. Ward 3 Councilman Larry McAtee and Ward 4 Councilman Pete White ran unopposed. The results of

Marrs invaders

Gary Marrs Greiner, a graphic-design team leader for Hobby Lobby, described himself as a limited-government conservative who believes government works best at the local level and that his life is guided by a biblical worldview. “My life motto is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever,” he said. “That’s what I’m all about, and

Lawn games

Bicentennial Park, located west of Walker Avenue between City Hall and the Civic Center Music Hall, is home to several memorials and statues commemorating historic individuals including Wiley Post and Stanley Draper, and events such as the state centennial. In January, the city’s Downtown Design Review Committee (DDRC) was presented with a plan to make

Crossed wires

Shadid said he plans on introducing the measure in place of a joint resolution that was considered and deferred at the May 31 council meeting. That resolution would have required certain contracts be subject to at least three public meetings before eligible for a vote. Councilman Pete White spoke in support of the majority of

Overcoming Momentum’s legacy

Federal law shielded disclosure of contributor names. Many became alarmed about secret committees influencing election outcomes, including this writer. This organization’s basic tactic was fear — fear that a candidate was too liberal, too conservative or not conservative or liberal enough. The bitter election is over, but Momentum’s legacy finds a present home in some

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