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Sweet and salty

In the Thunder’s loss to the Trail Blazers on Dec. 4 (a game in which he had 33 points, seven rebounds, one steal and two blocks), Durant experienced, as he almost certainly does each night, the wrath of the Portland faithful. Usually, the gentle giant takes it all in stride, but some dope in the

Heart-shaped rock

Chris Harris has listened to a lot of albums in the past 20 years, but Nirvana’s grunge-rock masterpiece In Utero is one the local musician (Depth & Current) and producer (Hook Echo Sound in Norman) hasn’t been able to shake. When he and friend Mickey Reese (El Paso Hot Button) first discussed collaborating on a

Colin’s calling

The story of Oklahoma City’s Colin Nance is your classic bedroom-project narrative, born from a chance encounter with the music of M83. “I don’t make it a mystery: M83 is huge for me,” Nance said. “A guy in college introduced me … I was listening to Before the Dawn Heals Us, and I was like,

Two Suns — Two Suns EP

That structural approach to songwriting puts the emphasis on the vocals. The unusual male vocals are sheathed in gentle reverb (not garage rock’s canyon-esque echoes), and fall just above “coo” on the intensity level. The voice is not immediately arresting, but when paired with the pulsing, shifting tunes, it becomes the final piece to pull

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