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Cover Story: The state of women — yes, it’s really as bad as experts claim

“We, as women, are told repeatedly that our experiences aren’t valid, our votes don’t count and we can’t make a difference,” Horn said.


Commentary: What have we done?

If Hollywood designed the perfect candidate to represent the anti-Christ for evangelicals, he would be thrice married, twice divorced, a builder of casinos, a sexual predator (unless the women are ugly), a liar and a man so in love with himself that his fondest wish is to die in his own arms.

The King and I
Kelli O'Hara and Ken Watanabe
Bartlett Sher: Director
Credit Photo: Paul Kolnik
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Meyers family enlists Kelli O’Hara to bring arts to children

Oklahoma native Kelli O’Hara will headline an evening benefiting the Meyer Theatre for Young Audiences.

Letters to the Editor: December 9, 2015

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Letters to the Editor: Aug. 7, 2014

Who’s to blame? Donald Smith (Commentary, Letters, “No war,” July 16, Oklahoma Gazette) wishes to remind those of us with “short memories” that the United States sent troops into Iraq at the order of George W. Bush. I wish to refresh his memory and ask him if he remembers 9/11. Does he remember which Middle

Letters to the Editor: July 15, 2014

Get to the point on Stage Center The destruction of art is equivalent to a book burning. — Tim Parker Midwest City Scheduled Black Mass is profane As a visiting assistant professor of English at Oklahoma State University, I have enjoyed the years I have spent in Oklahoma City, Edmond and Stillwater. My wife has

You kidding me?

I soon realized that Mr. Oliver was deeply deluded and/or vastly enriched by the eight years in which G.W. stole two elections, started two entirely unnecessary wars (making puppetmaster Cheney millions in no-bid contracts), bankrupting the country with tax cuts for millionaires, stopping much-needed stem cell research, tortured suspects in violation of the Geneva Convention,

Hooray for G.W.

Our lives are richer and fuller because of George W. Bush. He, like many other outstanding men and women in our neighborhoods, our cities, our states, our nation and on our Earth, has raised the average of humanity — forever. Best wishes to George and all of our shining knights and heroines. —David R. Oliver,

‘Batchelder logic’

Some facts intervene with this illogic. We added roughly $607 billion per year to the debt under the Bush administration … a shabby record no doubt, and one I deplore. But the first three years of the Obama administration have added an average of $1.116 trillion annually to the deficit. At that rate, four years

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