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Sweet and salty

In the Thunder’s loss to the Trail Blazers on Dec. 4 (a game in which he had 33 points, seven rebounds, one steal and two blocks), Durant experienced, as he almost certainly does each night, the wrath of the Portland faithful. Usually, the gentle giant takes it all in stride, but some dope in the

Beast master

Max Ogan — or Maximus, as he likes to be called — is surrounded by giant monsters and giant robots in his Plaza District studio, Bomb Shelter, but he’s not running for cover or summoning twin fairies for help. It’s all part of his latest exhibition, Machines vs. Monsters: Final Wars, his tribute to kaiju,

Jack the Giant Slayer

The film’s fatal mistake? Perhaps it was director Bryan Singer embracing the 19th-century nature of the story as tightly as he did Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie for his own Superman Returns. These days, to satisfy family audiences, it’s evidently not enough to revive an old-fashioned tale; you have to hip it up with nods

The Millennium Bug

For his feature debut, The Millennium Bug, writer/director Kenneth Cran imagines that Something Actually Happened besides a world’s collective “whew!” Taking place on Dec. 31, 1999 (natch), the movie follows the Haskin family, whose three members head for the mountains in order to escape the panic and presumed riots. Instead, the happy campers find trouble

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter

I’m so kidding. However, it appears to pick up from where LP3 left off — I haven’t seen it — with crocodile hunter Reba (Yancy Butler, Shark Week) surviving a tussle with a giant croc … only to have it not be as dead as she first thought. “You again? You really wanna do this?”

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