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(Photos Garett Fisbeck / Photo illustration Christopher Street / Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: Local Santas bring the legend to life

“I do believe if there wasn’t a Christmas, we’d have to invent one,” he said.

Central Oklahoma Humane Society Adoption Center Wednesday, Nov. 23, 2016.  (Garett Fisbeck)

OKG Shop: Holiday, spirit

Unless you are Robert Parker, buying a bottle of wine can be a real guessing game.


Indie Trunk Show features unique gifts by local crafters and small business owners

“People call it a craft show, but it’s more than that,” Lea said.

That’s a lot of money

A new rule increases by 500 percent the amount in meals and other gifts a lobbyist can give to a legislator each year. That comes to $500 per lawmaker. Here’s a little math, so check it twice because we are journalists. There are 149 solons at the state Legislature. If all of them receive the

Office mates

A home office is different than that blah cubicle at work. Often (or in theory) the home office also functions as a guest bedroom, so no one wants it to feel like cookie-cutter cube hell. Enter 30A Home (1106 N.W. 50th; 286-3153), where it’d be pretty much impossible to find something that isn’t fabulous. For

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