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Chicago Style at Humble Pie

OKG eat: gluten-free

OKG eat: gluten-free

Ah, the perils of working with special dietary needs. It can make dining out a pain. Luckily, with restaurateurs becoming more savvy to their diners’ needs, there are a bevy of places in OKC to satisfy your craving for the foods you love without losing taste. All choices this week have been road-tested by gluten-sensitive

Losing to win

But ultimately, none worked. “I didn’t lose any significant weight,” he said. Healthcare professionals regularly tout the same method for weight loss: balanced meals and exercise. But this advice is often ignored when fad diet advertising floods media, particularly in the new year. Oklahoma dietician Lacey Bixler considers these plans short-term solutions that typically fail

Sweet, no wheat

These delightful treats contain extra calories, sure. For some, however, the caveat of extra caloric intake is only a small issue in comparison to the presence of wheat in a product. For those who suffer from celiac disease, consuming wheat isn’t an option — even for a one-time splurge. The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

OKG7 gluten-free options

Nunu’s Mediterranean Cafe3131 W. Memorialnunuscafe.com751-7000 For diners avoiding gluten, foods like fresh meats, fruits and veggies are fantastic options. At Nunu’s, a Greek salad topped with a chicken breast, tomatoes, cucumbers, artichoke hearts and olives might just hit the spot. Get a side of hummus dip, and ask for extra veggies in place of pita

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