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OKG shop: Gear up and get out of town

OKG shop: Gear up and get out of town

Whether you’re visiting Red Rock Canyon State Park; the cold, clear water
at Turner Falls; or even just Mom and Dad’s house, we’ve compiled a list of local merchants who can help you get stocked up for the trip. Make sure you pack your sunscreen!

Devil’s advocates

Should the Satanist-proposed monument of goat-headed idol Baphomet make its way onto the Capitol steps, Oklahoma City has just the band for its unveiling. Norman’s own Rainbows Are Free calls its brand of doomsday dirges and post-apocalyptic poetry “the devil’s music,” setting stoner rock riffs to hellish tales of mind-bending torment. In the minds of


This article (Food and Drink, “Kiss my political buns,” Dec. 4, Gazette) was one of those times. I don’t think it is a secret that Oklahoma Gazette is a liberalleaning (or perhaps you would prefer the term politically correct) publication, so for this publication to criticize companies for taking a political and personal stance on

Men, get dapper this season

Sure, all your mister has to do to get ready for a party is run a comb through his hair and throw on a suit jacket, but men like to get all spiffied up too, or they pretend they do anyway. Trade Men’s Wares (trademenswares.com; 822 N. Broadway Ave.; 371-2574) is a new pop-up shop

Kiss my political buns

Mike Laham, Mike’s Hamburgers Photo: Mark Hancock On the national front, Chick-fil-A and Oklahoma-based Hobby Lobby got their conservative feathers ruffled when it came to social issues that opposed their owners’ personal views: same-sex marriage and birth control, respectively. In both cases, the controversies stirred up sales and customer support. Yet what happens when the

Nic of time

By: Shannon Cornman There are two problems with the burgers at Nic’s Grill. 1. The line out the door before you can squeeze inside the 17-seat restaurant just to order. 2. Finding the bottom of the thing to pick it up. Fans of reading comprehension will note that I didn’t say the burger isn’t worth

The Good Doctor

Now, he’s fallen in love with one of his patients, Diane (Riley Keough, Magic Mike), a young woman with infected kidneys. He so wants to be near her that he starts taking steps to keep her sick — and therefore, in his care at the hospital — like replacing the goods in her medication with sugar

KD’s kitchen

When not shooting hoops, Durant plans to be on-site at his namesake restaurant. “I’m going to be visible in the restaurant, and try to spend as much of the time as I can there,” Durant said at the Oct. 30 groundbreaking. “If somebody has a complaint, I’m going to try to go back in the

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