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Russell Perry | Photo provided

Leadership Oklahoma to honor community luminaries at annual gala

Leadership Oklahoma to honor community luminaries at annual gala

“I hired people of color, for the most part, who didn’t have the training to be a journalist,” Russell Perry said. “I trained them.”

The gospel according to Sean

“It was a record by Sam Cooke that really got me into music,” Johnson said. “It was his voice. There is literally no one who sounds like Sam Cooke. He can sing anything and it’ll be great. You go back and listen to some of the songs and they weren’t overly wordy, it wasn’t extremely

Wanda Jackson — Unfinished Business

Here she builds on the success of last year’s The Party Ain’t Over, her collaboration with Jack White, but unlike that effort, this album is raw, spare and constructed to showcase the Oklahoma-born-and-bred Jackson’s prodigious gifts. Ample credit goes to Justin Townes Earle, who produced this 10-song collection of blues, country, gospel and soul covers.

‘Hope’ springs

As if being the pastor of America’s largest church isn’t enough to keep Joel Osteen busy, he is also a best-selling author and television personality. This week, he and his wife, Victoria, co-pastors of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, come to Oklahoma City. “Many people who watch the television program don’t attend church,” Joel Osteen

Growth pattern

Drew Grow could have planted his roots anywhere, but he could hardly be happier with his decision to do so in Rose City. “Portland has a loose-cannon quirkiness,” he said. “It’s a pretty great place to play music. There’s a lot of support for all sorts of creative endeavors and a lot of energy from

Holy Warr

Faith and a mutual love of music are the glue that holds together the Oklahoma City-based Warr Acres. This nontraditional Christian rock band is trying to move religious music from a classic gospel stage to something Top 40 fans would enjoy, too. “We are not as much rock as we are pop, which is pretty

Laura Stevenson and the Cans — Sit Resist

Laura Stevenson and the Cans’ “Sit Resist” does that, too, but on steroids. Genres that are beautifully integrated here include (but are not limited to) folk, pop, rock, indie rock, indie pop, ’50s girl pop, Motown, gospel and waltz. And somehow, she ties it all together into an incredibly coherent album. Wow. The unifying thread

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