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OKC bikeshare program gets user-friendly updates

“All these tires are gel-filled. So if you get a flat, it’s kind of like Fix a Flat that is already built into it,” Smith said.


“I know that this will be deleted as soon as it is read, but, speaking as one of the millions ignored by overpriced insurance, I feel I must inform you that I now have insurance for the first time in over a decade. While it is true that the roll-out has been rocky, to say

Look what brown can do

According to prostitution-sting site JohnTV, “Mary Ann” is the online alias of Chickasha prostitute Tiffany F. Hawkins, 38, who had previously been charged with a crime relating to her alleged promiscuousness. The site alleges it was Hawkins who posted a bare-breasted selfie from the back of a UPS truck to an internet forum, which included

App for gas

You should, as the price of gasoline has increased more than 25 percent in the last 12 months. To help you — or at least iPhone users — find the lowest prices to refill your vehicle’s thirsty tank, AAA has designed a free app for that. Utilizing the smartphone’s GPS capabilities, AAA TripTik Mobile displays

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