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Greasy spoon greatness

Yes, sometimes looks can be deceiving. And sometimes looks are there for a very important reason, as a warning. The key to discerning between the two is in reading the signs. Are the booths and chairs worn down but still clean? Do the waitresses seem harried, as if there is plenty of work to do?


Nevertheless, Ritter will play a young Mr. Allman in the upcoming biopic Midnight Rider: The Gregg Allman Story. Others cast in the film, which is still in pre-production, include William Hurt as the elder Gregg Allman and Wyatt Russell as a young Duane, Gregg’s older brother. But back to the issue at hand: Oklahoma native

Dance, class

The certification comes from American Ballet Theater, the national ballet company based in New York City. The Dance Center will achieve the first level of certification in spring, said Jane Vorburger, the school’s director. “There are three separate levels of certification,” Vorburger said. “Levels primary through three will be complete in March, four and five

Wine and fine

Twenty-five years later, LaVeryl Lower, The Metro’s owner, finally owns the building. The sale of the 22,000-square-foot facility was completed in time for a New Year’s celebration. Lower partnered with Ken Howell, co-owner of the Howell Gallery in the same facility, to purchase the building. The Metro has always been located at 6418 N. Western

American luxury

Packard’s didn’t quit. If you’re smart enough to seek them out, get ready for a plate full of win. While some restaurants focus on hyper-local fare, Packard’s philosophy is more about the handmade nature of the food. They use local if they can get it, said general manager John Ross, but the most important goal

Golden god

Sorry if that seems like a cheap shot. I’m making fun of Golden Phoenix. If anything, I’m impressed by the range of dishes available. But a large menu also means it might be harder to find what you’re looking for. If you’re going to get crazy, you might as well start with the appetizer menu,

Angels unaware

According to its own numbers, the center works with approximately 1,200 central Oklahomans. Executive Director Connie McGoodwin said DRTC’s economic impact is profound, generating $5.5 million in wages for the state’s disabled community. In 1953, the center was founded as a school by parents inspired by Angel Unaware, a book by Dale Evans Rogers, the

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