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Tahini skillet with tahini over kubedah patty and potatoes | Photo Garett Fisbeck

Pita the fool who doesn’t explore ZamZam’s excellent Mediterranean menu

Pita the fool who doesn’t explore ZamZam’s excellent Mediterranean menu

The spice of the kufta leaches into the sauce, countering the mild bitterness. It’s a symphony of textures and flavors. Like many great dishes, it’s easy to eat and fun to ponder.


Sleaze Dizeaze Mont Lyons/Other Lovers/Did You See Those Bats, VZD’s Restaurant & Club. ROcK John Wayne’s Bitches/Red cities/Your Mom, Opolis, Norman. ROcK Sleaze Dizeaze/Unrelenting Butchery, The Chameleon Room. ROcK The Recliners, Riverwind Casino, Norman. ROcK Uninvited Guest, Baker St. Pub & Grill. ROcK Zack Merrill, Chips ‘N Ales at Riverwind Casino, Norman. SINGeR/SONGWRITeR SuNDAY, DEC.

The hot place to be

Credit: Mark Hancock Turning tragedy into triumph, Midtown’s meteoric rise from the ashes occurred, in part, because of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building, which killed 168 people and wounded hundreds more. The blast damaged more than 300 buildings over a 16-block radius at a cost of $652 million. “So many

Smag 7: Super Bowl snacks

Dan McGuiness1003 S.W. 19th, Moore 703-3367 Satisfy everyone in the watch party with menu items from boiled shrimp to sausage and cheese trays. You can’t go wrong with the blackened chicken fingers with an extra crispy crust, which are dusted with a Cajun spice just before being cooked. Get $10 beer buckets while you enjoy

Summer sides

Shartel Cafe5116 N. Shartel 843-0900 It’s hard to imagine anything better than the house-made cookies. The best-seller is its white chocolate cranberry walnut. But the cinnamon rolls are heavy hitters, too. Hey, people will eat those things any time of the day or night. The soul-warming mac and cheese or the pasta salad — made

Fry daddy

Show an Oklahoman a vegetable or cut of meat, and he’ll show you how best to fry it. Green beans? No problem. Okra? Chuck it in the boiling oil. And chicken? Does it even come any other way? We like to be healthy just like the next guy, but c’mon, who can eat steamed kale

Nondescript knockouts

Nic’s Grill 1201 N. Penn 524-0999 “Nic’s Grill on Penn Ave. and 10th St. They have the best hamburgers in OKC!” —Sara Neely Fielder Owner Justin “Nic” Nicholas has owned this tiny joint for 13 years, where he said he churns out good burgers and fries. Or is it something more that keeps people coming

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