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Tahini skillet with tahini over kubedah patty and potatoes | Photo Garett Fisbeck

Pita the fool who doesn’t explore ZamZam’s excellent Mediterranean menu

Pita the fool who doesn’t explore ZamZam’s excellent Mediterranean menu

The spice of the kufta leaches into the sauce, countering the mild bitterness. It’s a symphony of textures and flavors. Like many great dishes, it’s easy to eat and fun to ponder.

No gyros allowed

Sorry, you delicious melange of beef and lamb, shaved thin and crisped on a spit. Some days, I want to expand my options. I’m obsessed with doing so at Nunu’s Mediterranean Cafe & Market, 3131 W. Memorial Road. Nunu’s is the rare Mediterranean spot in Oklahoma City that does not serve a gyro. But if

Holding out for a gyro

Basil Mediterranean Cafe is a friendly place. The staff takes the time to describe each dish and even makes recommendations based on your preferences. The restaurant is spacious and has a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. It’s set up almost like a fast-food joint, a look that is matched by its brisk service. It’s probably best

Zorba’s Mediterranean Cuisine

What works: The food is back to pre-move quality. What needs work: Fitting me and three friends in a booth. I’m fat. Deal with it. Tips: Paella is only available on the weekends. But gyros, like diamonds, are forever. It’s time to forgive and forget, Oklahoma City. We were all angry with Zorba’s when they

Smag 7

Othello’s Italian Restaurant434 Buchanan, Norman 701-4900 If you have a hankering for Italian while in the Norman area, do try Othello’s. The owners of the Edmond Othello’s now own this one, too. There are lots of customercreated dishes on its menu, and its original decor has not changed one bit. One word that sums it

Culinary odyssey

Just a few blocks off Broadway Extension, Let’s Do Greek is in a wonderful location that once housed Falcone’s Pizzeria. Outside, groups of tall daisies sway in the breeze, and a nice pond can be viewed through the restaurant’s large windows. That outdoor scene is so inviting, owner Mahshid (Marsha) Aguilar said people often order

Mediterranean on Main

What works: Classic gyros and unexpected authentic Iranian cuisine. What needs work: The dining room could stand being redecorated. The Tip: Ole Town is fair value for very good food in a simple setting. Ole Town is accurately named. At Main and Porter, it’s on one of Norman’s oldest and busiest street corners. The building

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