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Steven Ward and Chris Jaeger pose for a photo at Backroom Print Shop, Wednesday, Aug. 2, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

OKC’s Backroom Printshop celebrates five years of assisting musical underdogs with its second showcase event

OKC’s Backroom Printshop celebrates five years of assisting musical underdogs with its second showcase event

Backroom Showcase 2 is Aug. 18-19 at 89th Street – OKC.

Plan of action

Crowds at a Dillinger Escape Plan show can expect to hear booming drums, roaring vocals and heavy guitar played at breakneck speed. And maybe, if you’re lucky, the cruel snap of bones. “A Dillinger show is always unpredictable … and always full of bumps and bruises,” said guitarist Ben Weinman, who is wrapping up rehab

Full steam ahead

Photo: Tess Baez Seventeen years is a long time for anyone. For a rock band, it’s an eternity. Yet things haven’t gotten stale over the course of Traindodge’s nearly two decades together, thanks in part to a willingness to evolve that finds the Oklahoma City act chugging along as strong and excited today as it

Chud — Chud

Well, it might, actually. But the band’s music sounds as non-damn-giving as can be — in the best way possible. The rising hardcore enthusiasts steadily have ascended the local ladder with their blistering live presence — a barrage of piercing guitar riffs, staccato rhythm section and singer-guitarist Alex Barnard’s slobbery howl. The impression left has

Let’s get heavy

Black Skies Photo: Mutter It’s difficult to affix a name to a genre. As soon as one is figured out, two more subgenres spring out from under it. For example, “heavy metal” is an all-encompassing term for music that is harder and darker than your typical three-minute pop ditties. But beyond that are its ever-increasing

Affair of the hard

Photo: Chris Hultner The usual suspects of street punk brought the guys behind Violent Affair together: The Unseen, Broken Bones, Krum Bums and so on. But when it came time to record the Oklahoma City band’s latest material — the recently released, two-song EP, A Call to Arms — the five-piece sought inspiration through Nintendo.

Sky high

Love it or hate it, local hardcore act Our Sky Is Falling finds that if it bleeds, it leads. BY JOSHUA BOYDSTON The guys behind Oklahoma City post-hardcore outfit Our Sky Is Falling bring more to shows than instruments and amps. They also bring Band-Aids. “We are huge fans of visual bands who go onstage

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