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Cover Story: Red Dog documentary chronicles a childhood spent in one of OKC’s longest-running strip clubs

Cover Story: Red Dog documentary chronicles a childhood spent in one of OKC’s longest-running strip clubs

“I remember the game machines. We would go in there at night,” Luke Dick said. “Being able to play all the video games for free was a serious draw for a toddler.”

Clear History

Clear History sure is, if more amusing than actually funny. Its intermittent focus is by nature of a purposely skeletal script to allow a wide berth for Curb-style improv; the feature length just magnifies those inherent faults.  In 2003, marketing exec Nathan Flomm (David, sporting a downright biblical beard) gives up his 10-percent stake in

‘The good crazy’

He wants it to be about Heartland Rabbit Rescue in Blanchard, about Mindy’s Memory Primate Sanctuary, about Hands Helping Paws in Norman and about each and every animal rescue and rights organization in Oklahoma, the United States and beyond. “They’re my real heroes,” he said. What Ingersoll would really like this story to be about,

Enlightened: The Complete First Season

This is not to denigrate her Oscar-nominated turn as 1991’s Rambling Rose or her work as muse to David Lynch, most notably in Blue Velvet or Wild at Heart — all solid and accomplished. It’s just that her role here as Amy Jellicoe is the most complex and multilayered character she’s been given. Amy represents

Eastbound & Down: The Complete Third Season

In the longest season yet (eight episodes) of HBO’s raunchiest comedy, the washed-up, pot-bellied, coke-snorting blowhard Kenny Powers (Danny McBride, 30 Minutes or Less) now lives in Myrtle Beach, S.C. The change of locales, however, hasn’t changed him: The minor-league baseball pitcher remains a major-league asshole. In the season opener, an intoxicating reunion with April

Funny or Die Presents: The Complete Second Season

Played with flawless deadpan by Steve Tom as an ersatz Leslie Nielsen, Haligan is the host of Funny or Die Presents, but also the Head of West Coast Sales & Marketing for the fictional Funny or Die Network, programming from which this sketch series is built. For season two, Haligan may have traded his sterile-white

Game Change

If Sen. McCain’s choice of the largely unknown Alaska Gov. Palin as his veep choice seemed out of nowhere then, there’s good reason: Because it pretty much was. McCain, here played by Ed Harris (Man on a Ledge), wanted Sen. Joe Lieberman, but was talked into someone “more transformative” by hired gun Steven Schmidt (Woody

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