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Commentary: It’s about people

Commentary: It’s about people

The U.S. Supreme Court made headlines over the past few weeks as it rendered decisions on the highly charged issues of healthcare, marriage equality and the death penalty. It also rendered another ruling that generated comparatively fewer headlines but might ultimately have the biggest impact on the landscape of politics for future generations. In the

(Madeline Hancock)

Chicken-Fried News: I hate this law; enforce it

Republicans claimed President Barack Obama’s healthcare law created a burden on business owners. Obama responded by delaying mandates on business owners, essentially doing what Republicans in Washington D.C. had been clamoring for. Those same Republicans then sued him for not following the laws of Obamacare. Obama just can’t win. Rep. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, voted with

Technical difficulties

However, the part of the federal system that sends that information has not been completed for all states. Oklahoma, Florida, Texas, Illinois, South Carolina and Arizona are among those still waiting, according to NewsOk.com. “As a result, tens of thousands of applicants have been left in limbo — without coverage that was supposed to begin

Fabric of society

It allows Americans who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender to access critical legal and financial information from professionals. Its website, livewoven.com, has educational content. Visitors can watch a video or read an article to learn how they can live their true lives amid the quagmire of complex and competing state and federal laws.

Oh, Hobby Lobby

 Oklahoma-based store ownership has loudly proclaimed anti-support for ladies’ healthcare (specific birth control methods) and would not support a female’s right to choose what happens to her own body (abortion and surrounding issues) because of reasons credited to religion. But, apparently, the Bible-thumping business will support beliefs other than Christianity if it makes the company

It’s covered

Shar McLaughlin, owner of Irish Green Lawn Care, has seven employees. She offers coverage to five full-time workers and is eager to see how these options compare with those available via the federally run health insurance marketplace, which opened for enrollment this month. “I will be reading everything I can get my hands on, but

Politicians say the darndest things

Did you know, for instance, that the British pull their own teeth? “The British think they have dental care but they can’t see a dentist,” the Tulsa World quoted him as saying at a recent Tulsa County Republican Men’s Club. “They just go to the hardware store and get a pair of pliers and pull

Just how sacred is it?

Oklahoma Baptist University, Mid-America Christian University, Southern Nazarene University and Oklahoma Wesleyan University are suing the federal government. The argument is, of course, that the legislation forces these universities to shirk a belief — claimed to be biblical — that a human life begins at conception and is, therefore, immoral. The problem is, some biblical

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