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An Igbo maiden mask in Mabee-Gerrer
Museum of Art’s permanent collection.
(Photo Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art / provided)

Shawnee’s Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art remains open despite the closing of St. Gregory’s University

Shawnee’s Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art remains open despite the closing of St. Gregory’s University

The museum officially opened in 1919 as an extension of founder Gregory Gerrer’s interest in collecting cultural artifacts.

The stage of the Hippodrome Theatre in Okmulgee, circa 1920. (Griffith Amusement Company Collection / Oklahoma Historical Society / provided)

Guests can take a step back in time while attending Oklahoma Historical Society’s ’20s-themed gala

Planned historical reenactments will include a drop-in from humorist Will Rogers and a “stick up” by gangster Pretty Boy Floyd.

Kruger Brothers | Photo Wayne Ebinger / provided

Jens Kruger and the Kruger Brothers perform at the second annual Banjo Fest

Kruger, a native of Switzerland, serves on the museum’s board of directors.

(Photo by Madison Rae / provided)

Cover Story: The Jones Assembly is a cornerstone for burgeoning Film Row district

“We all pulled different elements of places, restaurants, bars and music venues that we’d seen around this country and international,” Colton told Oklahoma Gazette. “Never was there something with all-in-one. It was a challenge and an opportunity, with a big bet made on Oklahoma City.”

crumble with blueberries strawberries and oat cereal

McLoud devours legacy as Blackberry Capital of the World during annual festival

McLoud Blackberry Festival honors the town’s history with a good, old-fashioned community affair, including a parade, pageant and, of course, general admiration of the dark, tart and juicy edible aggregate fruit.


Native American Body of Art is one of the first nude Native American art shows by Native artists

“People think, ‘Oh, well, it’s been done,’ but no, it hasn’t,” artist Brent Learned said. “There hasn’t been a whole exhibition about this type of artform.”

(Anna Schilling / Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: OKC Pride reflects on 30th anniversary as it marches toward the future

“This [parade] is an important moment for Oklahoma,” Rogers said. “It is difficult for many people to do. But we’re marching not in a militant fashion, but instead in a parade, which is first of all a lot more fun, and also to say and to show that we’re people just like anyone else.”

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