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Hear the music

Civic Center Music Hall Photo Provided The Civic Center Complex, which sits on the west side of downtown, is home to City Hall, Civic Center Music Hall, the Oklahoma County Courthouse and OKC’s police station. All four buildings were constructed in the 1930s through a voter-approved municipal bond and a matching grant from the U.S.

Take a ride

Streetcar ridership hit a peak in 1920, when 25.5 million trips were taken on the city’s three lines. That worked out to nearly 280 rides a year for every resident in the city. The streetcar lines vanished in 1947, but a half a century later, the city is looking to slowly rebuild a rail-based transit

Letters to the Editor: March 11, 2014

It passed the House Education Committee last year but failed to be heard on the floor of the House. It can still be heard on the House floor this year. The bill promotes dishonest anti-science claims and would allow objectively false, unscientific materials to be presented in public school science classes. It was copied, almost

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