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Ward 1 candidates prepare for Feb. 14’s Oklahoma City Council election

Jonathan Clour, Chris Gordon and incumbent James Greiner are vying for the council seat.

(Madeline Hancock)

Chicken-Fried News: Abortions and t-shirts

The owners of Hobby Lobby have been credited for being pioneers for religious freedom following their successful challenge to the federal government’s requirement to provide contraceptives as part of employer-provided health insurance. Now it appears that even satanists want to follow that example. In a letter posted on its website, the New York-based Satanic Temple

Robin Meyers

If only I was a corporation

I should have expected the Hobby Lobby decision, given the record of the Roberts court, but it still made we wonder, yet again, if people are paying attention to what we are becoming — or more accurately, what we have become. Because Oklahoma’s Green family, which owns the company, objects on religious grounds to the

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