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What are Oklahoma progressives to do?

Prominent Democrats with clear name recognition have yet to announce candidacies for major statewide offices, such as governor. People involved in our political scene point to the negative impact President Barack Obama’s sheer existence will have on his same-party candidates in Oklahoma. The GOP here has demonized the president to the point of absurdity, but

Resilient repetition

From our elected officials and our local celebrities to those survivors affected directly by the most current crisis, some version of these words gushes out each time: “You can replace things, not lives. We’re going to rebuild. Oklahomans are a resilient people.” The adjective “resilient,” in particular, has become the word du jour following a

Democrats step up

For some time now, one narrative has been that the Democrats here have been splintered by differences and lacked a central message that resonated with voters. No one can deny that after the Republican statewide sweep in 2010, things looked particularly bleak for progressives. But that was before the 2012 legislative session, when progressives rallied

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