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Thunder crazy

Haviland is hardly the only Thunder fanatic who dresses in bizarre outfits, paints his body and shouts himself silly. Actually, the faithful fan base includes a group of self-described superheroes who will do and say almost anything to help the home team win. They usually sit together and can be seen behind the basket at

Fear the … K-Mart?

Kevin Martin Credit: Shannon Cornman If Thunder fans’ affections for Kevin Martin and James Harden are still divided, tonight’s game between Oklahoma City and the Houston Rockets could be a good bellwether. Through 11 games this season, Martin averaged 17.6 points per game, more than the 16.8 points per game that Harden averaged over 64


Kevin Durant Credit: Shannon Cornman A third straight NBA scoring title for Kevin Durant. Sixth Man of the Year Award for James Harden. And after only four years in existence, the team battled its way to win the Western Conference championship, defeating the Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs — the three

Thunder city

Credit: Shannon Cornman It existed in the shadow of the boom-and-bust economy of Tulsa’s oil-rich gentility, whose development outpaced its sister down the turnpike for much of the last half-century. It existed in the shadow of equidistant college rivals whose fan bases divided the city’s allegiance. Most of all, it existed in the shadow of

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