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Chicken-Fried News: ‘Disgustingly inhumane’

Chicken-Fried News: ‘Disgustingly inhumane’

An Oklahoma lawmaker threw a ridiculous, alarming, questionable budget-saving idea onto the list submitted by the House Republican Platform Caucus.

Demonstrators during a #NoBanNoWall rally at the University of Central Oklahoma, Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Local groups react to recent executive orders

Groups continue to promote diversity, unity and progress in the face of the recent political and community climate.

Freeze causes city building to flood

The building’s basement flooded with more than 12 feet of water after a pipe leading to the fire suppression system burst early Sunday. City officials have not released a damage estimate yet, but Yager said the electrical system, computers, elevators and the heating and air units were affected. The water consumed the entire basement. The

Always help

That’s why the Salvation Army’s Central Oklahoma Area Command is open for everyone. Jeanean South, director of development, said emergency shelters are open 24/7 and will provide a place to sleep, hot drinks, meals, coats, gloves and other winter weather necessities. “There’s no requirement to receive help at the shelters,” South said. “If there is

WEATHER: Street crews at the ready

Workers driving 30 to 34 trucks will begin salting city snow routes once ice or snow starts to accumulate on roadways or ground temperatures dip below freezing. A snow route map is listed on the city’s website at http://www.okc.gov/prepare/winter.html. According to Yager, city road crews will work 12-hour shifts until the winter weather improves. OKC’s

Spirited away

A float, also known as an ice cream soda, usually includes ice cream, a carbonated beverage and flavored syrup. However, when beer or spirits are added, it’s no longer for kids. Where can one go to sample some of these spiked milkshakes and floats in the Oklahoma City area? The first stop, S&B’s Burger Joint,

Holiday EVENTS

Downtown in December, presented by Devon, is a series of holiday events and attractions in the heart of Oklahoma City starting Nov. 15. It’s a one-ofa-kind winter experience that features thrilling outdoor ice skating, snow tube rides down a 150-foot slope, afternoon visits with Santa Claus, a festive 5K run, free water taxi excursions, and


LIFE FOOD & DRINK The Toby Keith Foundation is up for supporting local kiddos, as well as having a bit of fun in the process. Kones for the Korral, an all-you-can-eat ice cream festival, will take place 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday at Chatenay Square, 10600 S. Pennsylvania. The festival will include ice cream flavors from

Sunny with a side of yum

S&B By: Shannon Cornman CheeseburgersThis American classic — hot, juicy and thoroughly delicious — can really hit the spot. Grab ’em at a metro location of S&B’s Burger Joint or Irma’s Burger Shack. Hot dogsIt’s sort of like a sandwich, only longer. And it’s mighty tasty when it’s grilled. And you can’t make it through

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