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Hafdis Huld — Synchronised Swimmers

“Synchronised Swimmers” is the effervescent acoustic pop of The Weepies, only swapping Americans for Icelandic people and introducing banjo into the mix. There is no possible way to dislike this music, unless you’re opposed to things that sound pretty and make you want to sing. Iceland’s almost-to-be-expected plucky soprano vocals apply here, as Huld’s almost-too-cute

Lelia Broussard — Masquerade

Lelia Broussard’s “Masquerade” is an unassuming, bouncy, acoustic-based female singer/songwriter record that I unabashedly love — even though there’s absolutely nothing unique about it. It’s an inversion of Adele’s “21”: While Adele is working hard to take the world by storm with her gravitas and emotive power, Broussard will soon be breezing through the indie

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