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Angie Ward poses for a photo at her home in The Village, Friday, March 31, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Oklahomans face an uncertain health care future

Oklahomans face an uncertain health care future

While Congress debates the future of the Affordable Care Act, many citizens fear they will lose coverage.


Keep in mind that this is Oklahoma, smack dab in the middle of the Bible Belt, flyover hicksville where we are all inbred and stupid compared to the left coast because we generally don’t accept liberal socialist ideals. So our young folks even here are falling for what has historically failed every time, including this

It’s covered

Shar McLaughlin, owner of Irish Green Lawn Care, has seven employees. She offers coverage to five full-time workers and is eager to see how these options compare with those available via the federally run health insurance marketplace, which opened for enrollment this month. “I will be reading everything I can get my hands on, but

Stuck in the middle

Shawn Spears and her son. Photo by Mark Hancock Between the Oklahoma County Election Board and Oklahoma Health Care Authority buildings, Shawn Spears, 24, works as a clerk at Langston University. She also studies psychology full time at Rose State College and plans to finish her bachelor’s at Langston. The student has a 5-year-old son

Navigating the maze

Like many nonprofits, the foundation uses its limited funds not for outward appearance but for providing services to people in need. In this case, it offers life skills training, socialization and therapy to central Oklahomans with developmental disabilities who may otherwise have few enriching activities during the day. Available resources at nonprofits also create lower

Advancing Medicaid reform

The consultants recommended accepting federal Medicaid-expansion funding but using it to underwrite private insurance purchases for poor Oklahomans. SB 640 would have given these citizens a choice of private insurance or the present SoonerCare insurance plan. The Leavitt Partners wanted to push eligible clients to use the ACA’s health-insurance exchange and Indian Health Services. SB

Getting real

Credit: Brad Gregg His reasoning? Well, as much as he’d “love” to kill the omnibus measure, Coburn just doesn’t think it’s sound political strategy. “I’d be leading the charge if I thought this would work, but it will not work,” he said. “It’s a denial of reality mixed with a whole bunch of hype to

Time to inform, not denounce

Attorney General Scott Pruitt continues his futile attempt to have it declared unconstitutional. Gov. Mary Fallin refuses to accept our tax dollars back from Washington, D.C., to cover Oklahomans most in need of health coverage. Insurance Commissioner John Doak calls the ACA a “disaster,” and although his agency has received a federal grant to inform

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