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Children's author Mariana Llanos poses for a photo at her home, Monday, June 19, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Children’s writer Mariana Llanos opens students up to language through books and classroom visits

Children’s writer Mariana Llanos opens students up to language through books and classroom visits

The Peruvian-born author moved with her husband to Oklahoma 15 years ago.


Guests are invited to celebrate international culture and the contribution of women with Raindrop Turkish House at an International Women’s Day event with a special evening of food and education. Take part in a traditional Turkish dinner accompanied by a presentation by Dr. Kay Martin, CEO of Francis Tuttle Technology Center. Dr. Martin will be

Gimme a break

The Oklahoma City area is home to a rich variety of ethnicities and cuisines, as well as a fair number of international grocery stores. Try some of these international breakfasts at home; incorporate them into your regular weekly menus; and escape the monotony of eggs, sausage and toast! Bon appétit, n ngon mi ng, guten

I’m So Excited

From internationally acclaimed Spanish director Pedro Almodovar, I’m So Excited is a futile attempt to explore crisis-induced catharsis from 30,000 feet up in the air. When employees at an airport in Spain fail to properly prepare a plane before takeoff, the pilots and crew are left to deal with the repercussions. Opening Friday at AMC

The Olympic spirit?

Credit: Brad Gregg   Granted, the city up the turnpike would be the smallest to host the ancient games in the modern era. Its BOK Center and new baseball stadium are certainly nifty, but the infrastructure and hotel accommodations seem mighty limited for an international event as huge as the Summer Olympics. But, hey, Tulsa

Lens crafters

Don Jacot’s ‘Flash Gordon’ (2007)Photo: International Arts Prepare to be tricked. With the Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s latest exhibition, what visitors see is not necessarily what is. Now on display through April 21, Photorealism Revisited contains 64 works by 38 artists, from Oklahoma to the other side of the world. While the subjects depicted

‘E.CO’ friendly

Contemporary art meets environmental awareness in E.CO, a photography exhibit that serves as the perfect showcase for [Artspace] at Untitled, according to Executive Director Jon Burris. “The reason we were interested in this particular show was that it fit our mission. We are an environment designed to stimulate creative thought and new ideas about contemporary

Groove for good

Issues of human rights have become increasingly prevalent in today’s political discourse. Yet throughout this ever-fervent election season — one where finger-pointing has a tendency to overshadow more practical approaches to civil liberties — it’s a discussion that often finds itself lost in the bickering and politicking that frequently inhabits the campaign trail. As Groovefest

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