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Former Navy SEAL opens an Oklahoma City gym specifically geared toward runners

Former Navy SEAL opens an Oklahoma City gym specifically geared toward runners

The running studio is equipped with Woodway 4Front treadmills, which are considered ‘the Bentley of treadmills.’

Letters to the Editor: December 9, 2015

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Letters to the Editor: July 15, 2014

Get to the point on Stage Center The destruction of art is equivalent to a book burning. — Tim Parker Midwest City Scheduled Black Mass is profane As a visiting assistant professor of English at Oklahoma State University, I have enjoyed the years I have spent in Oklahoma City, Edmond and Stillwater. My wife has

Irony Man

Credit: Brad Gregg If the Manning case has taught Americans anything, it is that irony remains alive and well. Federal authorities, outraged over how the leaked documents spotlighted the U.S. military at its most questionable, responded by keeping Manning in solitary confinement 23 hours a day. During much of that time, he was forced to

Cracking the code

“They asked me if I knew what his frame of mind was, or if even back then he had any anti-American sentiments,” said Radford, the editor and owner of the Crescent Courier newspaper. “They asked me if we had received any information electronically or in packages from him.” He had not. “As soon as they

You kidding me?

I soon realized that Mr. Oliver was deeply deluded and/or vastly enriched by the eight years in which G.W. stole two elections, started two entirely unnecessary wars (making puppetmaster Cheney millions in no-bid contracts), bankrupting the country with tax cuts for millionaires, stopping much-needed stem cell research, tortured suspects in violation of the Geneva Convention,

The Revenant

I was reminded of this by the trailer for The Revenant, which touts the zombie comedy as coming from “visionary filmmaker” Kerry Prior. If he’s so visionary, why wasn’t his film given a wide theatrical rollout? Why did it take three years for the 2009 production to hit video? And why does it bear so

Vetting process

Allen has had a long career in the music business. Before moving to Oklahoma, he worked in Nashville, Tenn., managing music royalties. In the ’90s, he played open-mic nights at local venues and coffee shops, sometimes in a band and sometimes solo. But these early experiences aren’t the only that inspire Allen today. Instead, the

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