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(Oklahoma Gazette)

Cover Story: SOLE PASSION: Gayle Curry steps into Science Museum Oklahoma’s latest exhibit

“I let the painting lead me,” Curry said. “I used to always try to direct my paintings, but with the wax, I find it kind of has a life of its own.”

An American Hippie in Israel

The title refers to Mike (Asher Tzarfati, Double Team), a Vietnam vet who has spent the last two years traveling across Europe while barefoot, chased from country to country by two mute goons with snappy suits and silver-painted faces, because why not? “I think they want my life,” explains Mike, as if that explains anything.

Noise for toys

Photo: Mark Hancock ’Tis the season for many things: joy, coexistence, pageantry. Mostly, however, ’tis the season for giving… and music — because really, which season isn’t? Friday night at the Blue Note Lounge, one can experience all of these things, as the venue prepares for its inaugural Rock for Tots toy drive. The event’s

Digging deep

About 20 Armstrong students and faculty members were sent to Jerusalem to work with Hebrew University’s Eilat Mazar, an Israeli archaeologist best known for her claim of having discovered the palace of King David. She has been unearthing a wall near Jerusalem’s Temple Mount that she dates to the time of King Solomon. Often criticized

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