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Letters to the Editor: Feb. 25, 2014

In deriding state schools Superintendent Janet Barresi, CFN sniped that she is a dentist and not an educator, as if the two things must be mutually exclusive. Barresi co-founded and helped lead two widely respected charter schools in OKC: Charter Independence and Harding Charter Preparatory. Both are distinguished for their academic excellence. In fact, US

Redux revealed

After three months spent with Larry Herzel of HSE Architects and Massey Construction, Reduxion Theatre opens the doors of its new home, The Broadway Theater, with its Valentine’s Day production of William Shakespeare’s romantic comedy As You Like It. Reduxion has become known for adding a signature twist when adapting classic plays. As You Like

Not Over It yet

The world of emo has changed a lot over time, and Evan Weiss — the man behind Into It. Over It. — has been there to witness a lot of it. “It’s grown from us playing in warehouses and basements to us being able to play in venues and tour nationwide on the strength of this

Flying Fists of Kung Fu / Kickin’ It Shaolin Style

After about the third or fourth film I watched — either 5 Pattern Dragon Claws or 18 Fatal Strikes, I can’t be sure — I noticed how similar the movies were to another. I wasn’t exactly surprised, having digesting so many of these cheap chopsocky efforts over the years, but never in such close proximity. Basically, each

Ready or not

The Ready Set Photo: Jared Thomas A 20-something singer-songwriter from the Midwest readies to play a few tunes Thursday night from his ever-growing repertoire of chart-topping singles, acoustic endeavors and previews from his upcoming third full-length album. As The Ready Set, Indiana native Jordan Witzigreuter has charmed national audiences — particularly the teen, female demographic

Smith Westerns — Soft Will

Traditionally, bands aren’t really supposed to hit rock ’n’ roll puberty until they approach their 30s. And you’re definitely not supposed to sound as primed and polished as Smith Westerns do on Soft Will — their third studio album — when you’re barely into your 20s. Admittedly, the act’s youth and the notion of trad-rock

Kanye West — Yeezus

Ego alone isn’t what makes Mr. West such a fascinating figure; any other schmo with a head his size would be scoffed and discarded as parody. There’s actually a certain degree of legitimacy that keeps his maniacal sense of self-importance from devolving into full-scale megalomania: that Kanye’s vision and production chops are currently unmatched in

Monster mash

The Phantom of the Opera7:30 p.m. Thursday Lon Chaney’s name is forever associated with 1925’s The Phantom of the Opera, and for good reason: It’s one of the great performances in silent films. I don’t care how old you are or how many times you’ve seen it: When Christine (Mary Philbin) unmasks the Phantom 38

All systems go?

The situation surrounding city’s plans for new police, fire, dispatch and municipal courts information and computer systems — as well as allegations by a police captain against the city’s project manager overseeing the program — is the subject of a state auditor investigation. The investigation was forwarded by the city to the state auditor and

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