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Vito’s Ristorante serves up Italian food with a welcoming atmosphere

Vito’s Ristorante serves up Italian food with a welcoming atmosphere

Many of the restaurant’s dishes feature owner Cathy Cummings’ sugo.

Jocelyn Moya delivers a Spicy Bourbon Fetuccine pasta dish, at the new Revovle Pizza at 100 W. Main in downtown OKC.  mh

Food Briefs: Thirst for a Cause, Patrono, Revolve Pizza Kitchen and more

Thirst for a Cause raises funds, Patrono opens in the art district, Revolve Pizza Kitchen has a new location downtown and Domino’s Pizza replaces Bricktown Burgers.

In the name of …

The National Restaurant Association estimates that a quarter of Americans eat out to celebrate Valentine’s Day, making it the second largest dining-out holiday behind Mother’s Day. Restaurants will offer special menus and limited seating to handle the volume, but they will also offer special items that may not normally be available. Several local restaurants make

Know your Django

Thanks to Quentin Tarantino, we all know the “D” is silent. But if his is the only Django you know … well, friend, you don’t know Django. For one thing, he’s not African-American, but Italian. He’s not a slave, but a Civil War vet. He’s now 47 years old and drags a coffin behind him

Little Italy

A touring art exhibition that condenses 500 years of Italian art through 40 paintings is open to visitors of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Museum curator Alison Amick has worked more than two years organizing Of Heaven and Earth, a collection of Italian paintings from the Glasgow Museum in Scotland. The show presents five

Berberian Sound Studio

Berberian Sound Studio isn’t directed by Italian horror maestro Dario Argento, but it may as well be. His influence is draped lovingly all over the British film: • A projectionist seen only by his hands dons black gloves — the requisite accessory for many a murderer in the director’s giallo efforts. • The movie within

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