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Fujiyama Mama

With that in mind, Salon.com composed a badass mixtape of nuclear anhilation-themed tunes to boogie down to as it all goes up in flames. Is it any wonder that Oklahoma rocker Wanda Jackson made the cut? With her 1957 hit “Fujiyama Mama,” she does her finest impression of a nuclear bomb — not a stretch

Search and destroy

Life on the road isn’t glamorous, but it’s what Todd Jackson and Levi Watson — the two heads behind Oklahoma City hard rock outfit Brother Gruesome — crave and work for. The duo has made a point to steadily tour outside state borders since forming in 2009, ditching creature comforts in favor of the humblest

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Unlike its predecessors, Bad Grandpa attempts the franchise’s most daring stunt of all: telling a story. But only barely; while the narrative here serves its purpose — as a framework for a succession of Borat-style bad-taste bits — it is as minimal as allowed. That it also is the funniest film of the year (until

Congrats, wanda (belated)

We’re giddy for Jackson and OKCPS for immortalizing such a prodigious musical figure. But really, you’re just now inducting Wanda freaking Jackson, the Queen of Rockabilly? What took so long? Jackson graduated from Capitol Hill High School in 1955 (sorry, Wanda; we have to give the date) and signed to Capitol Records a year later.

Stay positive

Though the three-time All-NBA second team point guard’s injury has cast uncertainty on the start of the fifth Oklahoma City Thunder season, Westbrook was unfettered while addressing those concerns. “My state of mind? Positive, always positive for me,” Westbrook said during Thunder media day on Sept. 27. “I think through the process of rehab, you

How to Save a Marriage and Ruin Your Life

That she should be honored to be subservient. That a 28-year-old blonde bombshell would have trouble landing a beau until some 51-year-old man came sliming along. I’m being harsh, but this Dean Martin/Stella Stevens pairing — now part of the burned-on-demand Sony Pictures Choice Collection — engages in all of these and more. I wasn’t

ADD it up

ADDverse Effects, a new collective based out of Norman, offers something fresh to the growing hip-hop scene in Oklahoma. Drummer Boyd Littel came up with the idea after a last-second gig he played with vocalist Joshua “Fiji” Rehanek and a couple other musicians. With that show’s success, he recruited the current lineup, and the band

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