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Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic

A variety of new exhibits look to follow up on the success of Matisse in His Time at OKCMOA

A variety of new exhibits look to follow up on the success of Matisse in His Time at OKCMOA

The Unsettled Lens and After the Floating World open Saturday.

3 Micah Moad

Cowboy Bebop art show brings different people together

A portion of each piece sold at Hardboiled Space Boogie: A Cowboy Bebop Art Show will be donated to Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma.

Sadako 3D

This time, that creepy, crawling girl with the stringy black hair known as Sadako (Ai Hashimoto) comes not through TV sets, but computer and smartphone screens. The cursed VHS tape is now a cursed video clip of a live suicide, and anyone who views it immediately kills himself or herself. Well, anyone except pretty, young

The Great Magician

A co-production of China and Hong Kong, the film centers around Chang Hsien (Tony Leung, Infernal Affairs, Red Cliff and roughly half of Wong Kar Wai’s output), a stranger who swoops into a little village in the early 1900s and wows its residents with his amazing tricks. But don’t call him a trickster — he

Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai

In other words, if it’s all-out action you seek, stick to 13 Assassins. You won’t get that until about the last 20 minutes of Hara-Kiri, but I’d argue the wait makes the clash of swords sounding all the more sweet. I’d also encourage viewers to consider them companion pieces, and to consume both. Set in

Twilight’s last gleaming

Credit: Mark Hancock When the battle for Okinawa ended, 12,500 Americans had been killed or lost. The Japanese lost more than 100,000. Fenwick, hailing from southeastern Oklahoma, was a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, an advanced kind of medical personnel who landed with the Marines. He almost didn’t make the battle when his first landing craft

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