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Odyssey of the mind

The No. 1 thing that Brian Haas — pianist and founder of Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey — wants to get across is gratitude. Of course, a lot of musicians say this. But Brian Haas perhaps has more to be thankful for than your typical grateful artist. Think about it. Haas started a jazz band in


Oklahoma City University is partnering with the Oklahoma Humanities Council to present Ellison at 100: A Centennial Symposium to celebrate author Ralph Ellison’s 100th birthday. Ellison is the author of the novel Invisible Man, many short stories and essays on jazz, literature and American culture as seen in Shadow and Act and Going to the

Happy birthday

Ellison is considered by many to be one of the most important literary figures of American literature in the 20th century. His existential novel Invisible Man is about race, identity and alienation. It was published in 1952 to critical acclaim and won the National Book Award the following year. In cooperation with Oklahoma City University,

Got that swing

After making a name for himself in the Oklahoma music scene as a solo act, Kyle Reid returns to the stage with a toe-tappin’, finger-snappin’ brass band. They have crowned themselves the Low Swingin’ Chariots, and it has become a project that Reid can’t believe took him so long to get to. “I saw a

Brian Haas / Matt Chamberlain — Frames

That an artist would become enamored with divination after moving to the sprawling, mountain-laden countryside on the outskirts of Santa Fe, N.M., makes perfect sense. So, too, does Frames.  While not improvised, per se, the album does toe the line between boundlessness and structure. A methodically composed exercise through the tempered scale, Frames clocks in