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Cody Canada Photo Red Dirt Relief Fund

Bob Childers’ Gypsy Cafe event raises money for Red Dirt Relief Fund

Bob Childers’ Gypsy Cafe event raises money for Red Dirt Relief Fund

The event features more than 70 artists and is spread across three Stillwater venues.


Star-studded tribute show celebrates the Bob Dylan Archive’s Tulsa arrival

On a Night Like This organizer Steve Ripley played with Bob Dylan on the Shot of Love tour in the early ’80s.

Jimmy LaFave — Depending on the Distance

LaFave, however, has not seen the stardom that fellow Red Dirt pioneers Cross Canadian Ragweed and Stoney LaRue have, if only because the thoughtful performer never quite pandered to the beer-swilling crowds. His latest release, Depending on the Distance, follows suit; its 13 inspiring tracks have all the country flair of the brothers with whom

Thinkin’ about Woody

Photo: Robin Carson / Woody Guthrie Archives No one disputes that Woody Guthrie is the most significant Anglo-American folksinger, period. He merged the British ballad musical and storytelling tradition with African-American blues; added the incisive and humorous sociopolitical commentary of Will Rogers; and became the emblematic folk-music spokesperson for the downtrodden, beat-up, misused and abused

Ware it’s at

Norman’s Terry “Buffalo” Ware is essentially a human jukebox. The veteran guitarist has toured with names like Ray Wylie Hubbard, Jimmy LaFave and John Fullbright, and has served as the leader for the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival’s backing band since its inception. The catalog runs deep in this one. “I don’t know how many songs

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