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Web and flow

Photo: Mark Hancock There’s a lyric from Josh Sallee’s new album, Know Society, in which the 26-year-old Oklahoma City rapper confronts this very issue: “Who is he?/ Is he who he sees?/ Is he everything that he ever liked or seen?/ Is the game of fame influencing?”  The song — “TLD – Technologicallogicaldreams” — serves

Rewind This!

Josh Johnson’s documentary chronicles the VHS format from birth to death, and those for whom the words on its “Be Kind Rewind” sticker remain a way of life. In 94 minutes, he covers a ton of ground: the Beta vs. VHS showdown, the porn explosion (pun intended), the dawn of sell-through tapes, the lost art

Pink Pony — Whatever

Like a sweaty night in some post-apocalyptic, deep space night club, Whatever shifts from dreamy dirges (“Besides Me,” “Always Crashing in Your Car”) to sci-fi, new-wave hooks (“I’m Like You,” “Hot Hot Holiday”) over a series hushed, interstitials à la M83. The duo hits its stride in dark but still bubbly pop tracks like “Fated

Scenic Route

The indie dramatic thriller casts Duhamel as Mitchell, a finance exec/family man on a road trip with Carter (Dan Fogler, Take Me Home Tonight), an old friend from whom he’s grown apart of late, due to the vastly different directions their lives have taken. Carter lacks everything that Mitchell has: a wife, a kid, a

Tallows — Memory Marrow

When Tallows’ two-song demo surfaced on their Bandcamp site last November, expectations mounted in anticipation for a proper full-length. This was understandable, given the promise exhibited by these four fresh-faced locals on both “Soft Water” and “Small Talk” (the aforementioned demo), songs that were staggering in their conceptual ambition. Nine months later, we have Memory

Inside the Octo-gon

When Austin’s The Octopus Project takes the stage, it’s more than a concert — an immersive and organized chaos ensues. Thickly layered instrumentals, colorful projections and a conscious commitment to putting on a show come across clear as day. It’s frenetic, to be sure, but it’s also accessible in a way unique to this quartet.

Bone density

Bone marrow is a soft and spongy substance, yet it’s the innermost element of the human construct, vital to our existence as a sustainable and adaptable species. Without it, our bodies would succumb to even the most innocuous threat. Likewise, Tallows’ music is so constructed: robust with instrumental depth and conceptual assertion. There’s also a

Crooks for life

With country currently among the most popular genres on the music charts, more bands have to find new ways to make themselves sound different from everything else on the radio. This is a credo that Josh Mazour, songwriter and lead singer of Crooks, has taken to heart, going as far as to create a new

Passion play

A, B, A, B, B, A, up, down, up, down, select. If that means anything to you, you’re the exact type of patron who Stephen Kovash, the founder of the Istvan Gallery, wants. “The Istvan is one of the few commercial galleries in Oklahoma City that actually show urban, street, young people, hip — whatever

Juggin’ out

The Great American Jug Band Photo: John Thomas For calling itself The Great American Jug Band, the Norman-grown group is conspicuously light on the jug part. “We own a jug,” front man Will Gardner said. “We just don’t have anyone to blow into it.” But really, the jug always was meant to be more than

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