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Dustin Prinz – Eleven

He does just that, capably crafting a diverse collection of songs that run the gamut of Death Cab For Cutie-leaning indie (“So Many Deserving”), polished folk pop (“Freedom”) and ’90s alt-rock (“Next Time You’ll Know”), making for a tight, acoustic-driven affair with lots of personality. Stripped-down usually necessitates simplicity, but Prinz is so at ease


The new horror film Oculus is that sort of yarn. It has its share of creepy moments — some of which might just stay with you long after you’ve left the dark of the theater — but first you have to digest some hard-to-swallow notions. The movie opens with Tim Russell (Brendon Thwaites) being discharged

Sporting goods

Punk band Bad Sports started eight years ago. Bassist Daniel Friend and guitarist Orville Neeley had been in a band together previously, but one day, Neeley showed up with demos of new songs. “It was way better than the band we were in,” Friend said, “so we decided to do that instead.” Bad Sports met

Barry Switzer’s roundabout praise

Legendary football coach Barry Switzer “has no filter.” NewsOK reported recently that the former Sooners frontman “says what’s on his mind.” Switzer’s got a gift for gab, and for finding the longest route to a compliment. Recently, the retired coach told a Nashville radio station that he said he’d “never hire a white quarterback.” Oh

In the saddle

In high school, Zach Preston, Nathaniel Davis and Ryan Gilbert learned how to play music by covering their favorite bands, The Black Keys and Kings of Leon. Their interpretations of the songs evolved, and eventually, they started writing their own music. Buffalo Rodeo was born. The guys played battle-of-the-bands competitions and started college at Western

Flying high

Brent Weber first visited Camp Summit — a camp in North Texas for special needs people of all kinds — to visit his daughter who was volunteering there.  That was in 2008, and it started a “labor of love” project for Weber; he started filming footage with no concrete plans for it. Now, six years

Who’s your daddy?

Late at night in a pool house studio, Jordan Richardson — the songwriter behind Son of Stan — would plug his electric guitar straight into a tape machine, foregoing amps so he could create a synthetic sound that reminded him of the desperation of ’80s suburban shopping malls. “There’s just something about it. There’s something about

Wills power

As OKPOP prepares to break ground on an actual brick-and-mortar building, its founders are currently collecting pop culture artifacts for various exhibits and displays that reflect Oklahoma’s varied stance in the world of popular culture — everything from music and movies to comic books and comedy. One of the most illustrious of these collections was

Scorned (2013)

Scorned (2013) For those who always have wanted to see Titanic cad Billy Zane have a lit cigar put out in his left ear, rejoice! Scorned is your movie. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar; here, it’s just one of many atrocities suffered by his rich-guy character when his girlfriend, Sadie (AnnaLynne McCord, TV’s

Sundance kids

Now, Twenter and Robison have the imminent Sundance Film Festival premiere of Rudderless on their minds. “I just got off a juice cleanse to get svelte for the festival,” Twenter said. From their primary script to the to the inciting email from actor/ director William H. Macy, Twenter and Robison’s journey to get the project

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