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Sweet and salty

In the Thunder’s loss to the Trail Blazers on Dec. 4 (a game in which he had 33 points, seven rebounds, one steal and two blocks), Durant experienced, as he almost certainly does each night, the wrath of the Portland faithful. Usually, the gentle giant takes it all in stride, but some dope in the

Hoops love

Apparently, the pair — both 24 years old — have been friends since high school. But the situation got hot and heavy a few months ago when the two basketball elites hooked up and eventually elevated their relationship from friends to fiancé status. Wright, a member of the Minnesota Lynx and an All-Rookie selection in 2010,

KD to the Izzo

Credit: Brad Gregg Not impressed yet? OK, how about a sports-management agency on the cusp of signing one of the NBA’s elite superstars? Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant is leaving Landmark Sports, his representation for the last year or so, to join Mr. Z’s Roc Nation Sports. The move would come as quite the

Du-real estate

Credit: Brad Gregg The 5,910-square-foot home boasts five bedrooms, a wine cellar, a high-tech home theater and, we presume, really high ceilings. We couldn’t help but notice that SeattlePI.com, in reporting the transaction, identified KD as “the superstar of the former Seattle SuperSonics” and managed to avoid referencing the Thunder altogether, although the online news


I am a huge Oklahoma City Thunder fan. Kevin Durant is my favorite athlete. I went to his basketball summer camp a couple of years ago and got to meet him. He was chilled — a real nice guy. When I heard he was going to star in his own movie, Thunderstruck, I was interested. After


Brad Gregg Wait, that came out wrong. After the Oklahoma City Thunder ran roughshod over those poor Mavericks, the team’s become the toast of the town. And with everyone thundering up, it’s only natural that you will be throwing playoff parties or drinking yourself silly at a local alehouse as the team now takes on

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