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Throwing stones at glass houses

“Everybody understands terrorism destroys people’s lives, it destroys property. All I meant was, all I was saying was the homosexual agenda is destroying people’s lives. I never meant to call them terrorists,” Kern said in defense of her beliefs. And then … and then she said that disagreeing with her belief is akin to being

It’s about gun rights for everyone

No word yet on whether laser-gun noises are similarly protected. Apparently, Kern wants to bring some “common sense” to the school administrations in Oklahoma. You see, little Timmy (not his real name) got in lots of trouble for eating a Pop-Tart so what was left of it resembled a gun and then waving it at

‘It’s a fairness issue’

Photo courtesy Tulsa World / Michael Wyke / file Wheels in the suit are again grinding as state and federal laws continue to collide. Recently, all four, with their attorney, Don Holladay, filed paperwork with U.S. District Judge Terence Kern requesting he rule in their favor. They also said the Oklahoma law violates their constitutional

Design unintelligent

Let’s look at Lake Yellowstone and a diatom species, for an example: All over the world, a diatom known as S. niagara can be found. However, if one takes a close look at the sediments of Lake Yellowstone beginning about 14,000 years back, one can see S. niagarae transform into S. yellowstonensis within 4,000 years

Calling it quits

All this happened on June 15, the date Oklahoma Gazette published exclusive excerpts of her new book, which has the mouthful title of “The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism — and Why We Must Take a Stand.” Saving you from spending $14.84 (it is a recession, after all), the article

Counterpoint: Soul concern

That ruling overthrew all state sodomy laws. In his dissension, Justice Antonin Scalia wrote, “The court has taken sides in the culture war.” The court’s decision was a huge victory for the LGBT movement across the nation and in Oklahoma. It was seen as a validation of the homosexual equalrights movement that started back in

A response to ‘Stoning of Sally Kern’

She attempted this with failed legislation and through complaints to the Metropolitan Library Commission, which led to a series of heated public meetings. Take note of what this action signified: A public library is supposed to represent and serve the broad public. Materials are to be freely available and easily accessible. We live in a

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