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Sleighing the dragon

Sleigh Bells’ most recent album, Bitter Rivals, was released in September of last year. And after five months of promoting and touring for the record, guitarist Derek Miller sounds bored with it. “I’m kind of over it,” he said. “I mean, I finished recording it last June, so it’s kind of older for me now.”

Who’s your daddy?

Late at night in a pool house studio, Jordan Richardson — the songwriter behind Son of Stan — would plug his electric guitar straight into a tape machine, foregoing amps so he could create a synthetic sound that reminded him of the desperation of ’80s suburban shopping malls. “There’s just something about it. There’s something about

Shining through

Painter David Holland never truly appreciated the beauty of a thunderstorm until he was driving in the middle of one back in the mid-’90s. Holland, an Oklahoma City-based artist, was heading south on I-35 from a Ponca City arts festival. As the Technicolor hues of the sky grew darker and more ominous at highway speeds,

Fair to Midlake

Sometimes, all it takes for a band to become the next big thing is one little break that will propel them from cult curiosities to mainstream teen-screams. After a decade and a half in the indie scene, Denton, Texas, act Midlake is poised to become the next chart-topping rock crossover with both a new record,

Pop. punk

Guitarist Ivan Lip and singer Chris Bug — the two figureheads behind New York act Pop. 1280 — formed a band for the right reason: They hated almost everything and everyone around them. “We didn’t like many bands in New York City or in general, really,” Lip said. “There’s so many things going on, and

Kitchen creations

Hype is impressive. It gets people excited. For new restaurants, hype can be a godsend. They get customers. They get word-of-mouth advertising. They get known. But a godsend turns into a god-helpyou when the restaurant doesn’t live up to that hype. The word-of-mouth is a curse word. The customers go someplace else. So what is

Missing ‘the point’

I agree that some of the debate of evolution versus creation belongs in the philosophy class. I was writing about the science that supports evolution theory and the science that contradicts evolution theory both being taught in science classrooms. The Cambrian explosion is science that says all phyla came into existence almost simultaneously, not slowly

’Pike psyched

Turnpike Troubadours front man Evan Felker may be young, but he ain’t new. His songs traffic in the kind of everyday moments and perpetual longings traced by artists like Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle. The Oklahoma quintet has been around for roughly three years, but it seems like a longer time. That’s the feeling of

Welcome to your ‘Nightmare’

Hinder with Saving Abel, My Darkest Days and Default7:30 p.m. Saturday Diamond Ballroom 8001 S. Eastern http://www.diamondballroom.net 677-9169 $19 Oklahoma City’s Hinder hit the sophomore slump like a speed bump at 60 mph, and the thump to the guys’ noggins hurt. The shot to their pride was even worse. After selling 3.5 million of their

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