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Thunder players remain focused on Memphis as league reviews racist remarks

“We haven’t discussed it as a team, but everybody is pretty knowledgeable of the situation,” Russell Westbrook said following a Monday practice. Sterling, owner of the Clippers since 1981, was caught making racist remarks in an audio recording posted by TMZ and Deadspin. Sterling appears to disparage a female friend for posting photos of herself

Fowl play

  Several U.S. cities including Los Angeles, Dallas and even New York City have zoning in place to allow citizens to keep chickens in their yards. Oklahoma City, however, has so far banned it on properties less than one acre. And don’t even think about getting a rooster. An initiative to allow hens in backyards

Nurse 3D

That’s the kind of crazy thinking that fuels Nurse 3D, a bizarro, purposely trashy piece of horror pulp that deserves to find the demented audience for which it was made. If it doesn’t through Lionsgate’s Blu-ray release (containing the flick in both two and three dimensions) … well, blame Obamacare.  At All Saints Memorial Hospital,

Moving music

It may not be a story as old as time, but the trope of Okies wandering to California in search of opportunity goes back at least to the Dust Bowl. And while the paucity of prospects may not have the same harrowing look it did in the 1920s, people still move from windy plains to

Grooms — Infinity Caller

Through these changes, Johnson remained steadfast in his approach, hammering away at a sound that pays homage to his roots and influences while, at the same time, retaining a distinct individualism. Now, with two albums released on two separate labels behind them, Grooms sound rejuvenated on their third proper full-length, Infinity Caller, their most intricately

Kiss of the Damned

Ushered into that world is Paolo (Milo Ventimiglia, That’s My Boy), a screenwriter who meets the mysterious, gorgeous Djuna (Joséphine de La Baume, Johnny English Reborn). Because of her “skin condition,” she’s a night owl who spends much of her time holed up in an isolated mansion watching old movies by Buñuel and Di Sica.

Art de Aguilar

Deep in the valleys of southern Mexico lives a ceramic artist whose whimsical personality and artwork touch everyone within contact. Guillermina Aguilar Alcantara is a master of Mexican popular art, and the eldest of Ocotlán, Oaxaca’s Aguilar sisters, world-famous for their artwork. She has made the journey to Oklahoma City to create, display and sell

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Volume XXVI

Besides, fans of MST3K only need know that another collection exists, and they’re sold. The latest, Volume XXVI (aka 26, if you don’t like maths), may not have any classics among its four-ep offering, but any episode is worth owning. Among this batch, my favorite is the most recent: 1988’s Alien from L.A., a sci-fi

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