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Ward 1 candidates prepare for Feb. 14’s Oklahoma City Council election

Ward 1 candidates prepare for Feb. 14’s Oklahoma City Council election

Jonathan Clour, Chris Gordon and incumbent James Greiner are vying for the council seat.

A couple of runners, one on the trail, one on the grass along the Bert Cooper Trails at Lake Hefner, 1-5-16.  (Mark Hancock)

OKC offers options for beginners to running

Runners in Oklahoma City share a surprising wealth of trails and resources for beginners and experts.

Water hogs

This summer, the city implemented mandatory rationing after water pressure levels dropped, and a nearly statewide drought also has caused some of the reservoirs to drop. On Oct. 11, the city announced that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was releasing 30,000 acre-feet of water from Canton Lake into the North Canadian River to increase

Paddling proponent

Abowitz wasn’t the first person to try to share rowing with Oklahoma, but he did help the sport gain its footing in Oklahoma City long before it was a well-known phenomenon.  “Oklahoma comes late to these things,” Abowitz said of rowing. The sport hooked Abowitz at the University of Pennsylvania, but when he came to

Under pressure

Very hot. So it was last week that the city, for the first time in more than a decade, implemented a mandatory odd-even water rotation program. Update: On Tuesday, July 19 the City of Oklahoma City announced via press release that the temporary outdoor watering ban for NW and NE areas will end at noon,

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