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Sharon and Mary Bishop-Baldwin spent nearly 10 years in a legal battle to win the right to marry. | Photo Gazette / file

New book Becoming Brave tells the story behind marriage equality in Oklahoma

New book Becoming Brave tells the story behind marriage equality in Oklahoma

Both Sharon and Mary Bishop-Baldwin worked for Tulsa World during their yearslong legal battle.

Same-sex showdown

Voters in 2004 overwhelmingly approved a ban on same-sex marriage, but a state judge ruled in January that the ban was unconstitutional. The issue was argued in front of the court of appeals on April 17, marking only the second time a state same-sex marriage case has been heard by a federal court. James Campbell,

Five things to know about Thursday’s same-sex marriage hearing

U.S. District Judge Terence Kern ruled earlier this year that Oklahoma’s voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. Kern’s ruling was immediately stayed, and an appeal was filed with the federal appeals court in Denver. It could take months for the circuit court to issue a ruling on Oklahoma’s case, and many believe the issue

Throwing stones at glass houses

“Everybody understands terrorism destroys people’s lives, it destroys property. All I meant was, all I was saying was the homosexual agenda is destroying people’s lives. I never meant to call them terrorists,” Kern said in defense of her beliefs. And then … and then she said that disagreeing with her belief is akin to being

National spotlight

“There were some arm hairs standing straight up,” joked Baldwin, who lives with Bishop in Broken Arrow, a suburb of Tulsa. April 17 is only the second time they will be present for a hearing in their 10-year case for marriage equality. The U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver will hear oral arguments

Women in Oklahoma lawsuit to allow gay marriage will be in OKC on Saturday

Mary Bishop, Sharon Baldwin, Sue Barton and Gay Phillips, all of Tulsa, sued the state and federal governments for the right to marry and for recognition of the marriages of same-gender couples nearly a decade ago. “It is expected that matters surrounding the state’s same-sex constitutional marriage ban will begin to move very quickly in

Letters to the Editor: March 11, 2014

It passed the House Education Committee last year but failed to be heard on the floor of the House. It can still be heard on the House floor this year. The bill promotes dishonest anti-science claims and would allow objectively false, unscientific materials to be presented in public school science classes. It was copied, almost

Shimmy and shake

The expo will bring together a variety of local and national performers in an effort to raise awareness of Oklahoma’s growing community of movement-art enthusiasts. “Burlesque is a huge part of American popular culture history from live theaters to movies to fashion,” said Lynne Crowe, Expo director/ producer and owner of Teaze Dance. “Pole dancing

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