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Nursing know-how

Tim Mander Photo Provided A few years before he hit 60, he was a computer-illiterate middle-school dropout who had worked construction for most of his civilian life.  He had few options when reentering the workforce after his military service and construction jobs. While some might think that, at his age, he would be well-suited for

Hear the music

Civic Center Music Hall Photo Provided The Civic Center Complex, which sits on the west side of downtown, is home to City Hall, Civic Center Music Hall, the Oklahoma County Courthouse and OKC’s police station. All four buildings were constructed in the 1930s through a voter-approved municipal bond and a matching grant from the U.S.

Green is good

Brian DeShazo and Chris Buerger Photo by Mark Hancock “There is no way that on a busy Friday night, a bartender is going to be putting their glass in the right containers,” Buerger said. They created Project Green Plate (PGP), an initiative to support and empower local restaurants to go green. Green initiatives have recently

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