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Flaming trips

The release is a companion album to The Dark Side of the Moon, and it’s designed to be played simultaneously, preferably with the original 1973 vinyl. It also syncs with the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, too, so it stands to reason you can listen to the Lips while listening to Pink Floyd while

The countdown begins

The Flaming Lips frontman and Oklahoma City native has twice been booted from Instagram (not to mention the other photo-sharing social networks before that) for posting explicit photography of fans, artwork, his then-wife and video and photo shoots in progress. All the while, the unabashed musician has gained followers on Twitter while sharing these images.

Back to the future

Fallin offends everyone,straight and gayOklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin put the state in the national spotlight in 2013, but not in a positive way. Fallin, in her infinite wisdom, decided unilaterally that a federal mandate directing spousal benefits to same-sex couples in the military would not take place in Oklahoma. As a result, Fallin pulled spousal

The Best Local Albums of 2013

10. Johnny Polygon — The Nothing 2013 belonged to the introspective rappers — the ones who found their strength in going soft and whose heads, hearts and souls lay open for listeners to poke around in. Tulsa emcee Johnny Polygon tips open his brain like a cap on The Nothing, baring weed-soaked nuggets of self-truths that are

Third time’s a charm?

The Flaming Lips frontman has, from time to time, posted some rather evocative photos from the popular mobile app, which was why ’Gram gave him the boot in the first place. But it didn’t take long for Coyne to resurface that first time around, registering under a new handle (@wayneflaminglip) faster than you can say,

Tripping out

Arizona artists Oliver and Spencer Hibert bring their uniquely psychedelic paintings to the Womb. BY BECKY CARMAN During the summer of 2011, the landscape of downtown OKC changed forever when a humble building on Ninth Street transformed into a brilliantly colored and vaguely offensive landmark. For the common commuter, the swath of rainbows and pink

The Flaming Lips — Peace Sword

For those who have been clamoring for a return to the more optimistic, life-affirming version of The Lips (or, as some would call them, “songs”), Peace Sword ought to appease — albeit subtly. The six-song EP was conceived after being asked to write music for the end credits of the recently released sci-fi flick Ender’s

Hey, y’all, the Flaming lips are still weird

The fun new device is a plastic frog that records and manipulates sound. Fansite The Future Heart reports that the package reads, “A playful audio memo recorder you can use to tell people the stuff you are too chicken shit to say to their face! Now with pitch change capabilities!” Of course, it wouldn’t be

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