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Katie Wicks

Drink better: Bartenders share tricks to help customers stay in their good graces

Drink better: Bartenders share tricks to help customers stay in their good graces

“No, you can’t touch my beard,” said bartender Lance Hall of Club One15, 115 E. Sheridan Ave.

Chicken-Fried News: Drinkin’ and gunnin’

According to a report on Fox News, Wilshire Gun has plans to have firearms lanes, archery lanes, classrooms and a VIP lounge, making it the first of its kind in Oklahoma. According to the same news brief, Jeff Swanson, the owner, has said, “This is where the shooting sport is headed.” He’ll need to be

Moore sends hate runnin’

Opposite a large crowd of Moore supporters, 10 Westboro protesters held signs that said, “God Hates Oklahoma,” “Mourn For Your Sins” and “Destruction Is Imminent.” According to Westboro’s website, the church members believe the tornadoes were “God’s wrath.” The Kansas church protesters had a permit to protest for 30 minutes at 2 p.m., but counter-protesters

Booze clues

Sipping on low-point (3.2 percent) beers while strolling around the city is legit. But festivals have special permits, and you can’t bring your own beer within the zone in which these events are held, although some will offer drinks to buy. As usual, any place (including restaurants and indoor performance venues) selling beverages won’t let

Food, service

Above, from left: Kurt Fleischfresser, David Egan and Wayne Hirst present the Leadership Industry Award to Egan. Hirst has cancer, said his daughter, Kari Starkey, at an interview before the Nov. 4 awards ceremony at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. “He looks so healthy on the outside,” she said with tears in her

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