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This contraception, if taken within 72 hours after unprotected sex, will most likely prevent pregnancy but will not terminate an existing pregnancy. However, getting an appointment with a doctor for a prescription could cause unacceptable delays. Equally bad, a female age 17 and older must prove her age with identification that she may or may

Center stage

Although the property’s new owner, Kestrel Investments Management Corporation, has plans to seek a demolition permit in November, hope still exists to somehow save the building described last year in Architectural Record as a “love-it-or-hate-it” structure. For decades, the now-defunct theater — complete with its concrete forms, brightly colored steel ramps and large corrugated metal

The Ultimate Life

“I’ve been a moviegoer since I was three years old,” Shillingburg said. “I come from a very movie-crazed family, so to actually be able to go the movie theater and watch actors speak lines that I’ve written and scenes that I’ve created, it’s very exciting.” The sequel to the 2007 faith-based hit The Ultimate Gift


For the film, Anderson interviews 16 female porn stars — including Alexis Texas, Asphyxia Noir and other obviously invented names — about what got them into the business, what they get from it, and what misconceptions they’d like to clear up. In other words, she gives them the opportunity to appear human. In doing so,

Easy Money

Front and center in every sense is a fantastic Joel Kinnaman (The Darkest Hour, TV’s The Killing and our new RoboCop), commanding the screen with real star power as JW, a college student with a brilliant mind for business, but practically destitute himself. So desperately wanting to be part of the cocaine-and-cognac crowd, he spends

Creep Van

For his sophomore effort, director Scott W. Mackinlay has reassembled much of his cast and crew from 2006’s Gag, including Brian Kolodziej, who takes the driver’s sear as Campbell, a young man forced to accept a lowly gig at a car wash after being fired from a grocery store for stealing porno magazines they don’t


Beatriz Myorca It’s been said that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” But OKC Beautiful is determined to show that all of our trash could be transformed into real treasures … of art. OKC Beautiful’s A.R.T. Show: Art in Recycled Trash opened last week at Science Museum Oklahoma. Because last year’s A.R.T. Show proved

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