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Oklahoma City Senior Center and Community Center Groundbreaking Ceremony held at 4001 N.W. 39th Expressway, Oklahoma City

Chickasaw Nation to open a community center and senior center in OKC

Chickasaw Nation to open a community center and senior center in OKC

The Chickasaw Nation broke ground on the centers on Aug. 4.

Religious beliefs only go so far for Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby has gained national attention for its recent Supreme Court argument that providing emergency conception through the Affordable Care Act — otherwise known as Obamacare — violates its Christian faith. However, a recent Mother Jones article reported that the company’s own employee mutual funds include millions of dollars invested in some of the companies

Jon Stewart takes on Hobby Lobby

His latest victim is one near and dear to many Oklahomans’ hearts (and vaginas): Hobby Lobby. In the midst of the Supreme Court brouhaha on the Oklahoma Citybased store’s beef with Obamacare — specifically, the law’s insistence that corporations provide its employees with specific types of birth control — Stewart ripped Hobby Lobby’s faith-based objection

Rumor has it

The rumors started after the company released a statement about its lawsuit about the parts of the Affordable Care Act that it doesn’t like, namely the parts having to do with contraception (you know, the part Hobby Lobby’s owners, the Green family, maybe, possibly don’t understand). Hobby Lobby Inc. claims the healthcare mandate goes against

That’s a lot of money

A new rule increases by 500 percent the amount in meals and other gifts a lobbyist can give to a legislator each year. That comes to $500 per lawmaker. Here’s a little math, so check it twice because we are journalists. There are 149 solons at the state Legislature. If all of them receive the

Oh, Hobby Lobby

 Oklahoma-based store ownership has loudly proclaimed anti-support for ladies’ healthcare (specific birth control methods) and would not support a female’s right to choose what happens to her own body (abortion and surrounding issues) because of reasons credited to religion. But, apparently, the Bible-thumping business will support beliefs other than Christianity if it makes the company

In _____ we trust

Illustration: Brad Gregg What Oklahoman readers didn’t see was a full-page counter-ad released by Freedom From Religion Foundation, a nonprofit committed to preserving the separation of church and state. While Hobby Lobby’s “In God We Trust” ad included quotes from presidents, founding fathers, Supreme Court rulings and even “foreigners” (their words), FFRF’s “In Reason We

Different is good

By: Shannon Cornman Just order something weird, OK? Look, I know it is scary going to new places and trying new things. And when you have finite resources, it seems even more important that you really enjoy the food on which you’re spending said resources. But if you never try anything new, you’re never going

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