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The prices in the shops along the Ponte Vecchio made my head hurt, so I struck out to the smaller alleys and discovered a jewel of an antique shop, where I became the proud new owner of a vintage, hammered, rose gold bracelet. I love jewelry like this: not necessarily expensive or “fine,” but fun

Painted ladies

(Trust me, if you had dark brown hair, but curiously blond eyelashes and eyebrows, you’d be BFFs with mascara and your eyebrow brush, too.) I know: I’m young. I should be experimenting with fun, bright makeup! Instead, my look is more Night Nurse at the Old Folks Home. But you lovely readers aren’t boring like

Rainy days

I love them although they make my (already pretty out-of-control) hair look like I’ve been living for three weeks with squirrels in a briar patch prone to humidity. Exactly like that. The only thing I possibly love more than rainy days are rain boots. I tend to call them Wellies, due to my annoying case

Tips to avoid the anxiety of getting bumped

If you make the decision to move down, prepare yourself for an evening filled with anxiety. For some reason, it’s mildly terrifying sitting in seats that are not your own. Every single person that comes walking toward your section looks like they’re “The One.” You can’t really enjoy the game because you’re constantly scanning for

CFN Quote of the Week

It’s just a texture more than anything else and it celebrates being intangible. Maybe the trick to editing an alt weekly is to treat it like the slow-food locavore dish: well made, homegrown, hand crafted. “Look at what people will do for vinyl records. Look at all those indie bands that have discovered the washboard

Just looking

(Among the metro’s base population of 999,273 residents, 737,414 — 73.8 percent — fall into that category of adults who own a home.) Hispanics are the next highest ethnicity, at 5.4 percent, followed by African-Americans at 4.1 percent and Asians at 3.6 percent. —Gazette staff

The year in theater

Oklahoma City theater hibernates from Christmas until about the ides of January, so as we turn our attention to bowl games and ringing in 2011 — which marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of playwright Thomas Lanier Williams, better known as Tennessee — let’s look back on some of the city’s more noteworthy dramatic

Spreading the word

Poblano Grill 2701 S. Interstate 35 Service Road, Moore 759-7371 Management said this location of Poblano Grill has great food and great service in a family atmosphere. There’s even a hamburger on the menu just for kids. New items include a tilapia Mexicana with a dusting of Southwest seasoning with sautéed spinach and its pollo

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