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The Grandmaster

These are heady days for Ip Man — not bad for a guy who died more than 40 years ago. Over the past several years, the celebrated kung fu teacher whose students included Bruce Lee has been in the midst of a sort of revival with his exploits having been fictionalized in a handful of

Hearty party

Some have outgrown wanting their alcohol to taste like a candy basket and falling into diabetic coma. For people with more adult tastes, Oklahoma Gazette recommends a few savory cocktails while visiting the warm hearts (and hearths) of these locally prepped adult beverages. First, we recommend a liquor store for real beer. Or, heck, visit


Compelling explanations The Bank of England, arguing before the U.K.’s Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards in October, warned against limiting the bonuses that bankers have come to expect from their lucrative deals — because that might encroach on their “human rights.” The bank suggested it is a human rights violation even to ask senior executives

The gents of politics

The December magazine lists “Conservatives We Love,” and two of the five are U.S. Sen Tom Cole, Oklahoma deputy majority whip, and T.W. Shannon, Oklahoma Speaker of the House. Of Cole, the mag gushes, “Because he respects people regardless of their political ideologies.” Of Shannon, the magazine says, “Because he believes in investing in infrastructure.”

Just kidding … too late

According to tulsaworld.com, the talkative fellow made a few comments that he refers to as “careless talk.” An affidavit alleges that Gragg made numerous calls to the Secret Service. The report states that he “continually” threatened President Obama and said he would pay $500 for someone to hurt First Lady Michelle Obama. Gragg was released

The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue

Co-directors/co-writers/co-producers Mike Bradecich and John LaFlamboy also co-star as the Mugg brothers, slackers who run the crappy abode where a mole man (Justin DiGiacomo) lurks the halls for dogs and cats to consume, before moving up the food chain to humans. Any ingenuity begins and ends with the title; Bradecich and LaFlamboy mug(g) their way

Passion play

A, B, A, B, B, A, up, down, up, down, select. If that means anything to you, you’re the exact type of patron who Stephen Kovash, the founder of the Istvan Gallery, wants. “The Istvan is one of the few commercial galleries in Oklahoma City that actually show urban, street, young people, hip — whatever

Bert Stern: Original Madman

New to DVD from First Run Features, it is one of the very best nonfiction films of the past year. The former soda jerk and Korean War vet earned fame and fortune as a conceptual photographer in the  Madison Avenue ad game, helping revolutionize the industry in the 1950s and ’60s with his creative thinking


The equally shlubby Patrick Huard plays David, a middle-aged man with no ambition who seems perfectly content delivering meat for his family’s butcher shop, even if he’s not very good at it. He’s $80,000 in debt; his ex-girlfriend (Julie LeBreton) has announced she’s pregnant with his child; and, worst of all, his past years of

The Incredible Melting Man

TIMM (for short) continues his head-ripping rampage, leaving Geiger-equipped Dr. Ted Nelson (Burr DeBenning) to follow the putrid piles of the grubby, brown-red pus he drips everywhere, not to mention the occasional ear or eyeball. Basically, TIMM looks like he is using a Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready as a face mask.  The movie is one of

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