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Chicken-Fried News: The ball’s in Nike’s court

Chicken-Fried News: The ball’s in Nike’s court

Oh, this is rich. Literally. Thunder pro-baller Kevin Durant informed Nike last week that he has a deal with Under Armour sports clothing and gear company worth up to $285 million over 10 years, ESPN reported. Durant could turn down the offer if Nike makes a move to match it. But it does show that

Kiss my political buns

Mike Laham, Mike’s Hamburgers Photo: Mark Hancock On the national front, Chick-fil-A and Oklahoma-based Hobby Lobby got their conservative feathers ruffled when it came to social issues that opposed their owners’ personal views: same-sex marriage and birth control, respectively. In both cases, the controversies stirred up sales and customer support. Yet what happens when the

Quitting with pride

Vicki Monks and Matt Harney check out smoking ads that have targeted the LGBT community. Credit: Mark Hancock What’s not as well-known is that within the LGBT community, smoking rates are considerably higher than among the population as a whole. One study by the American Lung Association even estimates smoking rates in that demographic might

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