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The first issue of Okie Comics Magazine launched early this month | Image Matthew Brendle / provided

Okie Comics Magazine launches as a free illustrated periodical with a strong local bent

Okie Comics Magazine launches as a free illustrated periodical with a strong local bent

Okie Comics Magazine hosts a free in-store signing event 3 p.m. Saturday at All-Star Comics.

Steampunk is fun again

Everyone has that one friend or relative who is a little nerdy and difficult to shop for. You know, that cousin who is obsessed with comic books and wants to spend hours arguing over whether or not Marvel is still relevant after the horrible, strange decisions they’ve made lately … but I digress. Take a

Captain America: Collector’s Edition

As you know by now, it didn’t. If you managed not to catch it in its long-delayed VHS debut in 1993 — or the burn-on-demand DVD released in 2011 just to piggyback off the big-budget, blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger — now you can see it the best it’s ever been and likely ever

With Great Power …: The Stan Lee Story

But no household name has led a life devoid of conflict and drama, and the three-director doc skirts over those portions, because I assume this project was made with the subject’s full approval. It is — pardon my French — one ass-kisser of a career retrospective. To give credit where credit is due, Lee truly

Blade Anime

Therefore, I should love Blade Anime. And yet, even going in with no expectations to do just that, I don’t. Worse, I didn’t even like it. Collecting all 12 episodes — each about 20 minutes — the Japanese series offers strong visuals throughout, as it uses Blade’s origin as a diving board to tell an

The Amazing Spider-Man

Like director Sam Raimi’s 2002 original, this “new” version is an origin story, depicting how mild-mannered Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield, The Social Network) transforms from high school science nerd to an arachnid-powered superhero in spandex. The major differences boil down to these: —swapping nemesis The Green Goblin for The Lizard (Rhys Ifans, The Five-Year Engagement);—swapping

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