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Dan's Ol' Time Diner decorates Bacon Sandwich in Oklahoma City, Tuesday, June 14, 2016.  (Emmy Verdin)

Dan’s Ol’ Time Diner doesn’t serve breakfast, but it has perfected burgers

Dan’s Ol’ Time Diner doesn’t serve breakfast, but it has perfected burgers

Dan’s Ol’ Time Diner is full of burgers, sandwiches, fries and tots.

A Boy and His Dog

One would think that a film — boasting source material from a writer with an especially rabid following — that established the visual template for the now ubiquitous post-apocalyptic wasteland and stars Don Johnson would have caught on at some point over the past 38 years. Yet, not even when there was such a shortage

Mad Max Trilogy

The first film introduces future cop Mad Max Rockatansky and director George Miller’s violent, pedal-to-the-metal world of carmageddon. Its chase sequences are as exciting as anything the action genre had seen, and they still hold up because their influence is ever-present. While Max’s family life slows the middle, it fuels a bang-up final act of


The fiction-film directorial debut for Henry Alex Rubin (Murderball, one of the greatest documentaries of this millennium), the movie doesn’t feel like a preachy lesson à la David Schwimmer’s Trust; it’s more of a is-what-it-is look, however voyeuristic, at the way everyday people get tangled in the web. Disconnect opens today exclusively at AMC Quail

Ghost of a chance

Photo: Krista Spears Most parents aren’t thrilled about their kids playing in punk bands. The mother of Corporate Ghost drummer Max Harris, however, has fostered the entire underground scene by giving fledgling punk and garage rock bands a place to call home while honing their skill. “It’s provided a place for the punk and underground

Land of Oz

above Waitress Linda Hendrix delivers all-you-can-eat breakfasts to Tony Sampson right and T. Valencia at Ozzie’s Diner at Norman’s Max Westheimer Airport terminal. Going to the airport is always a hectic experience, from check-in to takeoff. It’s a rush of security checks, flight delays and claiming baggage all while carting around carry-ons, IDs and boarding

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