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(Madeline Hancock)

Chicken-Fried News: Social climber

Chicken-Fried News: Social climber

Neu-hesher rockers Avenged Sevenfold had to take a break mid-set during the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at the OKC Downtown Airpark. It wasn’t because of an ironic lack of energy but because someone climbed the scaffolding tower. And the band, along with everyone except the crowd, feared for the person’s safety. After 15 minutes

Flame on!

UPDATE: Due to a terminal illness in one of the band-member’s family, In Flames will not be performing at Mayhem Festival. It’s hard to think of a more cheerful place than Scandinavia. With all its blondes, free health care and cheap/ trendy furniture, it’s heaven on earth in many ways. The bulk of the music

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